Learn Vietnamese- Know more Vietnam culture!


♣ Nowadays, the demand of foreigners to learn Vietnamese is increasing. It is an inevitable consequence of the integration of international and cultural exchange.

♣ The biggest trouble of foreigners who want to live and work in Vietnam is language barrier. No matter what purpose, if you have the ability to use Vietnamese, it would be an advantage to help them succeed in work and life. To adapt the demands to learn Vietnamese is increasing in the globalization trending and can break the language barrier to communicate and well-understanding about Vietnamese and culture.

Vietnamese Training Thuy Nga Center has courses for Directors, General Managers, and Foreign Experts who are living, studying and working in Vietnam, to meet the requirements of academic, business, human resource management and communicate.

♣ With the experienced teachers who have methodical and pedagogical skills will help the students achieve Vietnamese quickly and efficiently.

♣ You will be provided with Vietnamese textbooks and others related materials to support your learning process. You will get an appropriate teaching method to improve your communication skill in a short time with a reasonable fee.

♣ A lot of students have taken the initiative themselves or via their staff, family to contact with us. After two months, they can be read, write and daily communicate like the natives. Especially, Vietnamese Training Thuy Nga Center also organize and design the tour programs, camping to help the students have the opportunities to explore the traditional customs, understanding the culture of Vietnam and get acquainted with a lot of Vietnamese friends who have the same hobbies and help the students get the meaningful life and rewarding when they are living away from home.